Fashion student designs hallucination art for her collection


fashion student Lauren McCullough

Lauren McCullough is a third year student at Sheffield Hallam University, whose work will be in the fashion show on June 19th. The 22 year old has always wanted to study fashion and has always loved making and designing garments.

Lauren describes her collection as ‘over the top’. She says, “The colours are very bright and the prints and colours are made to stand out.” The collection is based on the idea of hallucination, which Lauren says is represented in the contrast of the colours and the prints that she has developed.fs3

Lauren’s work has 15 pieces, including accessories such as necklaces (See picture). She said to have used plastic for her jackets and print mesh and she also screen printed cotton herself as well as using silk.

Her work is still currently in progress, as she is adding the finishing touches to her pieces. Her vibrant necklaces are still not quite finished with weeks remaining until the show. She said, “I’ve made a lot of changes to my work along the way.”

When asked how she came up with the idea of hallucination, she said, “I was just thinking about colours and the contrast of colours and it just came to me.” Lauren’s own personal style is much more subtle and she likes to shop at the usual high street shops such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

Lauren didn’t have inspiration from any designer in particular when designing her own collection for the show. However designers she does look up include Vera Wang and Stella McCartney, both big time designers who have been known to make their work stand out from the rest.

Lauren’s work will be launched at the fashion on June 19th at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield. All pictures of Lauren’s work (below) are from her look book.



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