Sheffield Hallam end of year fashion show

Props for fashion students getting ready for the show

Fashion design students who are in their final year at Sheffield Hallam University are holding a show at the Millennium Gallery on June 19th. The show will unfold the students’ work that they have created as the final part of their degree.

Each third year student will present at least 15 pieces making it up to 6 different looks in total which they have created from scratch. They are responsible for creating garments and patterns and have to go to extensive research.

Once they have created their look, they produce a professional look book and business cards. They work with stylists, make up artists and photographers. David Morrish a fashion design tutor involved in the event said, “The amount of work undertaken by each student is extensive and intensive, working at fast pace.”

Preparation for the show is still in progress and meetings have been taking place between the students to make sure that everything is being put in to place. Students are involved in every aspect of the process of the show. Models are hired by tutors from Boss Model Agency and second year students are given the opportunity to be involved, as they are taken down to the agency to help with the selection process.

There is a set guest list for the event, however it is not clear who will be attending at this date. David Morrish fashion design tutor commented on this, “As of yet we are not clear who will be attending the event. We send over 100 invitations to members of the industry.”

Tickets are available to be bought by the public, which will be around £10 each. Lauren McCollough, a fashion design student involved in the show said: “All proceeds from the show go directly to hiring out models and make up artists and hiring out the room for the day.”

If you interested in fashion or attending the fashion show, follow @SHUfashionDes on twitter for updates.

Take a look at a video of the highlights of last years fashion show at



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