Fashion student finds inspiration in fruit decay


fashion student Goya Goa

Goya Goa is a Fashion Design student at Sheffield Hallam University. She is currently working on a collection for the end of year fashion show in June. The 23 year old, third year student came over to Sheffield from China to fulfill her dreams of becoming a designer. Goya said, “The reason I chose to study here is because I love the fashion industry here.”

The talented student has designed a collection of Women’s clothes for the fashionTRGG show, which is all inspired by the idea of fruit decay and how fruit changes. “I chose this because I noticed the decay of fruit is beautiful, something that doesn’t happen with other things.” Goya said, “the colours go light and I feel this is shown in my collection.” The collection includes skirts, a coat, a jacket, dresses, trousers and tops.

Goya has also knitted her own shoes and jewellery for the show. She said, “The main fabric I used for my collection was wool and everything was made by me. I also did a lot of pieces with fabrics woven together.”

She describes her own style as ‘Vintage’ and says she loves Japanese patterns and designs. Her inspiration is Vivian Chang, who is a young designer from Beijing. Chang has won awards for her designs and her brand ‘crush’ has been sold in different parts of the world; from Beijing, to New York.

Goya’s dreams are not just for her but her family, who she hopes to make some money for by embracing her love for fashion. Goya has already made clothes for herself such as dresses and trousers. She has also sold tops and shorts to friends, which she made when she was in China.

The student’s collection will be showcased at the fashion show on the 19th June at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield. The photos below are from Goya’s look book.
_ILM0691 (1)_ILM0650







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